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  • "I Live Here Too" Plaque
    $56.00 Choose Options "I Live Here Too" Plaque
    Do visiting friends or family members sometimes forget whose home they are in when they come to your house? Gently remind them with this adorable hand routed 4" x 15" sign. You get a choice of maple or natural oak finish, as...

  • ABR Bracelet
    $3.00 ABR Bracelet
    Show your ABR pride with this wonderful bracelet.

  • ABR Collapsible Coozies
    $4.00 Choose Options ABR Collapsible Coozies
    ABR Collapsible Coozies Get ready for summer! Keep your canned and bottled drinks dry to the touch and cold with our new soft ABR collapsible coozies.

  • ABR Notepad
    $5.00 ABR Notepad
    This notepad featuring a line of Brittanys measures 4" X 6" and inlcudes 50 note sheets.

  • ABR Vehicle Magnet
    $5.00 ABR Vehicle Magnet
    This sturdy, vinyl magnet is a wonderful way to let others know about ABR. Our logo, web address and toll free number are prominent on the magnet which will adhere to your car without damaging it at all.

  • Black & White Brittany featured on both sides of a round ceramic ornament. Hangs from a gold ribbon. Measures 3" in diameter
    $14.00 Black & White Brittany Ornament
    Black & White Brittany featured on both sides of a round ceramic ornament. Hangs from a gold ribbon. Measures 3" in diameter. 

  • Brittany Bottle Stopper
    $10.00 Brittany Bottle Stopper
    The Brittany Bottle Stopper measures approximately 1 1/2" to 2" tall. Each Bottle Stopper has a solid plated base and 6¿ long chain, with a cork bottle stopper designed to fit any standard wine bottle.

  • Brittany Compact Mirror
    $8.00 Brittany Compact Mirror
    Take your Brittany everywhere with you with this handmade metal compact mirror.  Perfect addition to your purse, very useful and fashionable!  2.5" width

  • Brittany Gift Box Ornament
    $10.00 Brittany Gift Box Ornament
    So Cute! This hand painted stone resin ornament is adorned with gold stripes and a bright green ribbon. It comes with a gold tone cord to hang on your Christmas tree or display on a shelf. Measures 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and 2"...

  • Brittany House Ornament
    $6.00 Brittany House Ornament
    You can write your dog's name on this holiday Brittany Ornament!  Ceramic and has a flat bottom, so can also be used as a tabletop decoration.

  • Brittany Keychain
    $4.00 Brittany Keychain
    Pewter Brittany keychain.  Handmade in the USA.

  • Brittany Lighter
    $18.00 Brittany Lighter
    Zippo artist Linda Picken's "Brittany". Lighter is mint with Brittany on satin chrome finish. Comes in zippo black cardboard box.

  • Brittany Mousepad
    $9.00 Brittany Mousepad
    With this paw shaped mousepad, you can surf the web with your best friend right at your fingertips! Sure to brighten the day in the office! 8" x 7.5" durable, easy to clean and a black non-slip rubber back.

  • Brittany Mug
    $20.00 Brittany Mug
    Add a hefty dose of cuteness to your favorite drink with this Brittany Mug tumblers. Double walled construction. Great for both hot & cold. Made in America. Microwave-Freeze-Dishwasher Safe. Reduces condensation. Holds...

  • Brittany Notecards
    $10.00 Brittany Notecards
    Order a set of  ABR Note Cards to sweeten up any mailing, with a variety of Brittany faces and colors. A set of 10 cards includes 2 each of 5 designs and envelopes. All cards are blank inside.

  • Brittany Ornament - Liver/White
    $20.00 Brittany Ornament - Liver/White
    Molded from an original design clay sculpture and hand cast in resin. Carefully hand painted, the back is flat. Holds a pewter heart that says "best friend". This sweet new ornament comes with a red velvet cord for hanging...